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7 Life Hacks for a Good Selfie

7 Life Hacks for a Good Selfie

Taking a good picture

For taking a beautiful picture, hold the camera above the eye level. If you take a selfie, hold the camera up and tilt it a little bit down. Look just straight at the lens and lift your eyebrows.

Rotate your face to the light

It is recommended that you rotate your face to the closest lighting for an attractive image. In addition, avoid direct sunlight and deep shadows on your face and turn your head slightly over the side.

Tips: on a bright sunny day, find an obscured spot  where you can take a photo. Besides, you can use a camera flash.

Try different tilts for diversity

A lot of people like a decent view on pictures, but you should try different angles if you are taking a lot of selfies! For example, hold the camera a wee bit to the side or stand in front of the mirror and show your clothes.

Tip: Monotonous selfies from the same tilt are very boring.

Gently breathe for plump and loose lips

When a person smiles, frowns or pouts, there is a risk of accidentally straining their mouth during a selfie. To lose your mouth, gently breathe across your parted lips and immediately take a picture.

Tip : Do not inflate your cheeks like a balloon, otherwise your face will become rounded!

Capture photos and then choose the best options

Capture dozens of images with different facial expressions, as well as different corpus tilt. Then view the footage. Examine your images and find pros and cons. After some time, you’ll distinguish what position emphasizes your advantages. Then it will be an elementary task.

Tip: you should experiment and try many times to find your ideal tilt .


Extend your neck and position your body upright

Just think about your head and body as a rope. That allows you to align your entire corpus. Raise your head and neck, and lower your shoulders.


Find an interesting spot for selfies

The audience needs to be surprised with various spots and backgrounds. It is recommended to include the background in the shot  to record your adventures and discover something new!