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How to Start a successful Instagram Blog

How to Start a successful Instagram Blog

If you make your first steps in blogging and social media, but don’t know how to start, it’s not so difficult as you may think. Bloggers with a lot of interested followers are able to earn good money for paid posts and advertisement. If you have no experience in blogging, but a huge enthusiasm, here are a few brief tips.

Creating Account

First thing you need to do is to sign up in Instagram. It’s quite easy, free of charge and takes several minutes. Then, you need to think about your login. Bear in mind, it should be easy to remember and not so long. If you’d like to promote your personal brand, then you can use your full name as a login.

Here’s a tip: ensure your account is public, not private, so people can easily follow your feed.

Choosing the right Niche

The significant part of your blogging is considering what your blog is about. To gain a consistent growth, you should figure out who will be your main audience and what informative and helpful content you are able to provide. You can start with a general category, for example, travel, fashion, lifestyle, food and narrow your major field after.

Writing a motivational Bio

An Instagram Bio is a small fragment of text below your avatar picture within your profile. This is your chance to tell who you are, what you represent, your point of view, life motto. It attracts attention and impress.

Take the best Images

Instagram is a visual venue. A good visual content matters more than any text. Your photos should follow your brand identity design and make a consistent, well-structured feed.

Here’s another tip: use presets to create your unique, personal style for a cohesive look of your Instagram feed.

Write an Interesting Post

The subject line should attract a reader’s attention. It is recommended to divide text into paragraphs and your post is likely to be no more than 2 200 characters.

Hashtags to increase your name awareness

Don’t forget to create hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases with a sign #. It is a good opportunity to find related topics and posts that increase your brand’s recognizability.

Promote your account

Nowadays there are many opportunities to promote your account. One of the most popular is to publish Instagram stories. It could be photos, slideshow or a short video. Stories are shown for only 24 hours and then disappear. But you can keep them longer in Highlight section in your profile.

The tip: comment other users and share their posts. Thus, they are likely to do the same for you.

This was a good start and to go further you need some more practice and experience. We recommend you also using any affiliate programs, create sponsored advertisement, promote your name and services and, of course, attract more followers and admirers with your beautiful content!


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