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7 Life Hacks for a Good Selfie

7 Life Hacks for a Good Selfie Taking a good picture For taking a beautiful picture, hold the camera above the eye level. If you take a selfie, hold the camera up and tilt it a little bit down. Look just straight at the lens and lift your eyebrows. Rotate your face to the light It is recommended that you rotate your face to the closest lighting for an attractive image. In addition, avoid direct sunlight and deep shadows on your face and turn your head slightly over the side. Tips: on a bright sunny day, find an obscured spot  where you can take a photo. Besides, you can use a camera flash. Try different tilts for diversity A lot...

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How to Start a successful Instagram Blog

How to Start a successful Instagram Blog If you make your first steps in blogging and social media, but don’t know how to start, it’s not so difficult as you may think. Bloggers with a lot of interested followers are able to earn good money for paid posts and advertisement. If you have no experience in blogging, but a huge enthusiasm, here are a few brief tips. Creating Account First thing you need to do is to sign up in Instagram. It’s quite easy, free of charge and takes several minutes. Then, you need to think about your login. Bear in mind, it should be easy to remember and not so long. If you’d like to promote your personal brand,...

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